Jeff’s is the first American style diner that I have found in Krakow, so it was only fitting that I had to get a burger. The diner is located in the food court of the mall and has classic American décor. License plates from every state line the walls, along with antique metal signs and framed photos of famous actors and athletes.

My order:
The Classic American Cheeseburger.

Ingredients: pickles, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise, double American cheese, the burger, and a sesame seed bun.

Presentation: 9/10
The Classic American Cheeseburger came with a large portion of fires and coleslaw and a toothpick with an American flag. The American flag toothpick made everyone at the table laugh so that is truly the only reason for the 9/10 rating. It also came with wax paper to prevent the ketchup and mayonnaise from getting all over my plate.

Quality & Taste: 5/10
The burger was overcooked but the vegetables (lettuce and pickles) were really good. It was very messy, the mayonnaise and ketchup went everywhere, even with the wax paper. The cheese was perfectly melted and there was a lot of it.

Price: 32 zloty (8 USD)
For what I received, compared to previous meals, I thought it was overpriced. It was in a mall, so it was to be expected. The large portion of fires did make it a better deal.

Fries: 6/10
The fries tasted like McDonald’s fries with less salt. I do like McDonald’s fries so they were okay, but not amazing.

Overall Rating: 6/10
The burger wasn’t amazing, but Jeff’s had a great atmosphere. I have been to Jeff’s a few times and would recommend the breakfast, the bacon is cooked like an American diner, it’s a taste of home that is needed every so often.


Jeff’s Website


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